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Advantages of Triton's Liquid Ring Vacuum Systems

·     Inherently safe:

o   No metal-to-metal contact between rotor and housing

o   Can handle flammables without risk of spark; isothermal compression

o   ATEX certified; T-5 Temperature Class

o   Available in Class 1 Division I or II Hazardous Classification

·       Vacuum created by spinning water:

o   Tolerates entrained solids and liquids passing through the pump

o   Creates very deep (27” Hg) vacuum

·       Low operating noise

·       Very low maintenance level compared to other pumps

o   No oil levels to maintain in pump

·       Very forgiving operation conditions:

o   Automatic water fill nozzle, but if you run low on water, you simply lose vacuum….add water, and vacuum returns

o   Can add coolant to water for freezing climates


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