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Since 1997, Triton Industries, LLC has covered the globe with innovative, original designs and developments in the industrial cleaning industry. Years of modifying and improving a variety of vacuum systems led to the development of today's Triton vacuum - a system that is recognized as truly premier within the industry. Triton vacuum systems are working on six continents, including industrial installations in the United States, the Arctic Circle, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and Latin America, as well as being mentioned in many articles and receiving many awards. 

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Triton Industries of Lottie

Triton Industries of Lottie
Triton Industries of Lottie now providing equipment to support BP oil spill cleanup

By Tommy Comeaux

An industrial vacuum system designed and manufactured by Triton Industries LLC, located right here in Pointe Coupee in Lottie, is playing an important role in the cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, which began almost three months ago.

Mike James, Triton's CEO, said the company got involved in helping clean up the mess created by the blowout of BP's Deepwater Horizon well through its association with a company similar to Triton, STRAD Entergy Inc.

Both companies cooperated on an unrelated project after the Apr. 20 disaster, which some have called the largest oil spill in history.

"While we were working on the project, the topic of vacuuming oil from the surface of water came up," James said officials with STRAD asked him if his company made such a product. "We do, so that's how it got started."

The company had tried repeatedly to make contact with BP after the spill, "because we knew our equipment was made for a situation like that," James said.

"The next thing you know, BP had asked us for a demonstration," he continued, adding Gov. Bobby Jindal and the national media were on hand for the big test. "The governor loved it and it just took off from there."

Today, almost 40 of Triton's industrial vacuum systems have been leased by a number of companies employed by BP to assist with the oil spill cleanup.

"Stretched from Alabama to Louisiana, we have roughly three dozen of our machines working with different companies," James said.

The vacuum systems are employed by barges in the gulf, deployed to different locations on orders from the U.S. Coast Guard, he continued, making an estimate of just how big Triton's impact on the oil spill cleanup project is impossible to calculate, but due to its mobility, light weight in comparison to conventional vacuum systems, James said there's no doubt Triton's equipment is more effective and efficient than anything else being used currently in the gulf.

"They're ideal for what they do," James said, and because the machine's "footprint is very minimal compared to the other options," Triton's vacuum equipment allows crews to work in shallower water and collect bigger loads than its competitors.
"They're very powerful and they're very small...and they're 60 percent cheaper than the conventional systems," James said.
"Triton's vacuum systems are the most compact, powerful, efficient, portable and easy-to-operate piece of industrial vacuum equipment in the industry," he continued. "We also can meet specialized requirements such as generating very low noise or operating in hazardous conditions."

Founded by James in 1997, Triton specializes in the manufacture of industrial vacuum equipment-even its smallest unit is capable of "pulling enough oil in 90 minutes to match what a fleet of skimming boats collect during the same time period," he said. "The product is capable of drawing 60,000 gallons daily."

Another advantage offered by Triton's vacuum systems is their durability-James said one of their units has 40,000 hours of usage on it without requiring any maintenance.

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